Indie Hops created a hop development program that involves Oregon State University, several Willamette Valley farms, and pilot brewers across the country to breed new hop varieties. The goal is to create more sustainable crops (need less water, pesticides, etc.) and introduce more flavors to the craft beer industry. At this point, they're averaging one new and commercially viable hop variety every year...
A new visual identity—clean and bright while rooted in the agronomic spirit of the Indie Hops enterprise—along with a system that could be consistent across their brand. Embracing future hop varieties while providing opportunities to highlight each hop's unique qualities. Plus, a bunch of graphic collateral for packaging, signage, apparel, and digital uses.
"[Duke] caught our eye... style felt clean, crisp and happy! Since we were approaching 10 years in business and we were about to launch some exciting new products, it was a great time for a brand 'refresh.' [Duke] did an excellent job working with us throughout the process. We ended up with new brand and product icons that we're very proud of and that are a positive representation of what we have to offer our customers."

—Jim, owner
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