A Kids Co. is a company that was created to start conversations with kids about life's most important stuff. Challenging and empowering stuff like emotions, climate change, money, racism, and empathy. I was the 3rd employee (and only designer hired for 6+ months) at what was then called A Kids Book About. Through wearing many figurative hats, I played a key role in the development and refinement of the company, including the visual brand, books and storytelling, and the products we made.

Fast Co. Most Innovative Companies: 2021 + 2022
Apple Podcasts Best of 2021
Common Sense Media Seal of Excellence
I workshopped with authors and debated with editors to help craft the best books possible. I was an illustrator (A Kids Book About Imagination, Emotions, Climate Change, A Kids Newspaper, etc.) and worked with illustrators (A Kids Book About Shame, Boredom, A Little Book About Ideas, Justice, etc.). I designed artwork for a bunch of podcasts (one of which, Worth Noting, has been frequently featured across Apple Podcasts website and emails). I spearheaded A Kids Newspaper. I put together our product catalog. I made swag. I designed emails and social media posts. I crafted web landing pages and tinkered with product pages. I did more copywriting than I probably should have. I photographed (and edited) products and authors. And I got to design a book by LeVar-freaking-Burton!
A Kids Newspaper was a pet project of mine. It leveled-up the value of our monthly subscription and worked to tie together our themes and product verticals. We took deeper dives into subjects, had interviews with authors and kids, contests and kid spotlights, engaging activities, and chuckles. It was also an opportunity to speak directly to kids without their grownups!
Coworker references and work samples provided upon request!

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