Howdy! My name is Duke Stebbins.
My body lives in Portland, Oregon, while my mind sometimes finds itself in the clouds above it. I'm a designer and creative person who finds fulfillment in making good things with real purpose—but I also enjoy making things for no reason at all.
I'm looking for a new job!
I've been designing kids books and everything else at A Kids Co. since March of 2020. Before that, I did freelance branding and illustration work, (much of it with a partner, under the moniker Design By Goats) for 7-ish years. I'm currently looking to join a team that insists on originality and excellence (because I think the world needs better stuff, not more stuff), leveraging creativity in the service of good (i.e. social justice, environmentalism), and joy (otherwise what's the point?).
Brag, brag, brag...
I'm a published author and illustrator. My name was in Forbes once. I designed and illustrated a book by LeVar Burton. Oprah really likes a handful of books I designed (they were some of her “favorite things” in 2020). I have a degree in architecture. I was a licensed contractor for a hot minute. I spent my college summers working on ocean-going tugboats where I would be out to sea for months at a time. I play drums in a band and sing in another. I’m technically an international male model. My city-league basketball team once won Portland's D-Division championship and I’ve also gone to USAU (ultimate frisbee) club nationals where my team got last place (but barely). 
For emailing: d.r.stebbins [at] gmail [dot] com
I also instagram: @duke_makes
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