Poster and shirt designs for the Portland Trail Blazers' Gameday Poster campaign — a fun opportunity to experiment with illustration styles. Does an irrational part of me believe that the Blazers have a chance to win the championship this year? Yes.
Brand and merch designs for Portland Dance Film Fest.
A slightly unhinged shirt design that the folks at 1Password actually liked!
Podcast art for The Children's Book Podcast: the wonderful product of a kids' podcasting trailblazer, Matthew Winner.
Album art, photography, and apparel design for the Americana rock band Patina.
Branding for an outside-of-the-box CSA that specializes in salad greens and dressings.
Fresh design for Centro de Educación de Creativa's ultimate frisbee camp at Cloud Forest School in Costa Rica. 
Jersey + apparel design for an ultimate frisbee team with a taste for butt rock and bourbon.
A Norse-inspired logo mark for a small massage practice that focuses on Swedish massage combined with myo-fascial manipulation.
A brand exploration for a project whose mission is to bridge the gap between academic medical research and sustainable everyday health and wellness practices.
Branding and illustration work for an entrepreneurial-focused Portland event.
A happy couple portrait for a wedding announcement.
Artwork for local nano-brewery Look Long: a set of digital posters / social media posts to celebrate their 2nd anniversary.
Designs and icon sets for BMO's corporate finance podcasting.
Merch illustration for Portland's Society Hotel.
Logo mark for a local woodcarver.
Illustration explorations for app design: Text-A-Lawyer.

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