TEXT A LAWYER is a mobile app simplifying connecting people with legal counsel.

My involvement began with some modest print materials but turned into a complete graphic overhaul, UI design, UX advising, animated videos, and a website.

ROLE: project manager, designer for branding, ui/ux, print, video, web, etc.

“Duke is a ‘strategic,’ meaning Strategic Partner… I hired Duke in 2017 expecting it to be a temporary arrangement. Nearly two years later, Duke has proven to be indespensable. We have a great working relationship. He’s able to point out his aesthetic preferences respectfully and always is a team player with the final decision.


“Duke puts in sustained effort to produce a world-class finished result. Duke’s advanced skill combined with his work ethic have allowed Duke to expand from a simple logo re-design and business cards to: pitch decks, app demo videos, building a 4-foot high wooden cell phone with physical “screen” changes, designing and maintaining our [website], working with developers to design UI for a customer landing page, working with a developer to design native iOS and Android apps, working with another developer to design UI for a web-based app, and lots of good, practical counsel as we went along. Duke is an excellent yet always-respectful devil’s advocate. A true pleasure to work with.”


CEO, Text A Lawyer