ICAN, a passion project of All Classical Portland, is a spankin’ new 24-hour children’s radio service featuring music, poems, and stories from around the world.


As a massive fan of All Classical (shoutout to late nights with Andrea Murray!) and a general supporter of children and arts education (duh), this was an immensely gratifying project to work on.

ICAN’s goal is to create a safe space for kids to imagine, create, and listen to the endless possibilities that the world can offer (while not forgetting about adults who are inevitably listening).

ROLE: project manager and designer.

“[ICAN] was so pleased to find Design By Goats to help us create ICAN’s brand and logo. They listened to our team; through various meetings Kailee and Duke helped create our branding. The logo creation was efficient and seamless. We were constantly blown away with the execution of their proposals. Their designing abilities are intuitive and flexible. Design By Goats were able narrow down our various, rambling ideas and build a cohesive Brand Identity Guideline and produced a product we could only dream about. With their help, we were able to visualize a logo, identify accessible fonts, and establish best practices. Couldn’t recommend this duo more!”

Sarah Zwinklis

ICAN Program Manager